Smart Galveston Irrigation Installation

a Hunter MP rotary sprinkler installed by our Galveston irrigation installation prosIrrigation is about more than just the type of system you have installed. There are 5 major factors that go into creating the perfect landscape irrigation – Soil Quality, Efficient Sprinklers, Drip Heads, Sensors and the Controller.

Being smart about irrigation means looking at your soil closely before deciding on irrigation techniques. Sandy soils need more frequent irrigation than thicker clay ones. Adding some organic material to clay soil will make it more hospitable to plantings. For sandy soil, amending it with peat moss or organic compost is the best way to help it retain moisture.

Once your soil is in good shape, adding the correct sprinklers is a must. Our Galveston irrigation installation pros suggest traditional rotary sprinkler heads for large areas of grass and smaller nozzles for lawn edges and heavily planted beds. We use Hunter MP rotators and Rain Bird HE-VAN and R-Van nozzles for most applications.

The Right Parts For Your Galveston TX Irrigation System

one of our Galveston irrigation installation techs is adding drip lines to the systemDrip lines are almost always installed for foundation plantings and specimen plants. The efficiency of these lines is amazing. 90 to 100 percent of the water applied at the root gets right where it belongs. There is no evaporation, no waste and the plants roots go deeper and get stronger.

Rain sensors are an essential part of a smart irrigation system. These little wonders will stop your controller from turning on the sprinklers if there is enough water in the soil already. There are two types of rain sensors, those wired directly to the individual rotors and spray heads and wireless rain sensors that communicate remotely with the controller. Wired sensors require time and labor to install, but offer the most accurate control over watering. Wireless units can be installed anywhere on the property and will measure rainfall amounts and report to the controller. Depending on your situation, either may be the right choice for you.

a RainBird smart controller every owner should have installedThe last piece of the puzzle is a smart controller. This is the brain of your sprinkler system. Smart controllers connect to sensors around your landscape and use this information and historical weather data to determine if you need to water at any given time. Watering is controlled on a daily basis and most smart controller self correct for different seasons.

Get Your Smart Irrigation System Installed Today

If you're ready for a gorgeous lawn, you need to start with a smart irrigation system and our Galveston sprinkler repair team is the one to design and install it for you. Call us to schedule an in person evaluation today!




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