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You've had time to look at our generic service list, but that's just a list of things that most sprinkler repair shops do. What you don't know is what we specialize in. These are the services that we excel at – things we do better than anyone else in the area. Don't trust someone else to one of these services without checking with us first.

Sprinkler System Design

a system design done by our professional designersAs the premier sprinkler installers in the area, we have to have a phenomenal design team. We do. Our designers do full landscape integrated design with your individual plantings in mind. We do design for residential and commercial properties. Every design is created with the future needs of your landscape in mind. That means there are easy to access lines for additions and pre-planned riser replacements. We think of everything ahead of time so you don't have to.

All of our designs incorporate both drip irrigation and traditional rotors. These two tried and true systems are perfect for creating large, flowing lawns punctuated with gorgeous planting beds. Interested in what our finished systems look like? Call us and we'll give you some references in the area.

Sprinkler Head Replacement or Repair

a sprinkler head held by one of our Galveston sprinkler installation techsEvery sprinkler service will replace sprinkler heads. Even a handyman can do the job. The difference is what happens before and after the sprinkler head is replaced. True professionals like our Galveston sprinkler installation techs carry every major brand and model of sprinkler head on the truck. You won't get any substandard parts from the local hardware store – only name brand parts direct from the manufacturer.

We also have the right tools for the job. For instance, Hunter has a special sprinkler head adjustment tool that most handymen don't have.

One of the things that some repair companies do is replace the head whether it needs it or not. Sometimes it is possible to fix a stuck spring or replace a broken cap at a fraction of the cost. Risers and nozzles can also be replaced instead of needing to remove the entire assembly. Sometimes the head just needs a thorough cleaning and doesn't have to be replaced at all.

Once the sprinkler head repair has been finished, we will check the function of the head including the pressure at the nozzle. This way we can make sure that the entire system isn't compromised with the replacement of a single head.

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